Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ensemble Watch: 'Chicago,' Part 1

Kicking off Ensemble Watch, the series that highlights ensemble actors in Broadway's hottest companies, Melissa Rae Mahon and James T. Lane dish on life in the classic musical Chicago and how they stay fit for those revealing costumes.

A sneak peak at Part 2.

Rushers, have you seen Melissa open Chicago? Did you catch James when he was in A Chorus Line? Are you surprised that these two didn't describe a rigorous workout routine for the show? Leave it in the comments! Be sure to check back at Stage Rush for Part 2 of my interview with Melissa and James!


  1. It's great hearing their perspective as ensemble performers regarding the understudying aspect. It is surprising that they do not work out 24/7 to get those amazing bodies and I never thought about how they feel being half naked on stage. That was eye opening!

  2. @Carlos: I'm glad you found it insightful! I think their stories are amazing. And yes, I too wanted to get their thoughts on having to be so "exposed" onstage. Whether the actors feel comfortable about it or not, they're going to have thoughts on it either way. I was interested myself to find out what they were.


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