Friday, March 12, 2010

Stage Rush TV: Episode 4

Talking points:
  • The Broadway portion of Las Vegas
  • The Scottsboro Boys has a rush policy, but no rush tickets
  • Evan Rachel Wood backs out of Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark
  • Steven Sater: Spring Awakening film could begin production as soon as fall
  • Broadway grosses

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  1. I saw The Lion King when I was in Vegas last June. It hadn't been there long (like a month, I believe), so the push for it was high. I appreciated that it was like the Broadway show and not the touring show, and the displays they had in one of the halls of Mandalay Bay were amazing. Most did not photograph well, but I do have several shots up on my blog ( None of the shows in Vegas have rush. In fact, when I was checking for Lion King, I had to explain what it meant to three different people; none believed that such policies existed anywhere!

  2. @AmyKB: That's cool that you saw it in Vegas! Yes, the posters in Mandalay Bay were really cool. I took a look at your blog post - nice shots! They really made me want to see the show again, haha! I saw it over 10 years ago. I *think* Blue Man Group might have a rush, but I'm not sure. I can imagine the comedy of trying to explain the concept of rushing to people, haha!

  3. Spidey = NO! Please, no!!

    Talk of Cirque du Soleil and no mention of the brand new information you received about the Ovo performances at Randall's Island? I watched previews today and it looks awesome!

    I really like your Broadway grosses. I find the numbers and the way that they fluctuate very interesting!

  4. Hair's gross is surprising... Hopefully it picks up. I'm really hoping McG drops SA the film... I'm also bummed that the tour is ending in May, but curious to see how different the non-equity version does on the road. It's already booked for LA's Pantages Theatre. Great episode of Stage Rush TV!

  5. @Lauren Huston: Yeah, I'm anti-Spidey too. I don't see a need for it. But hey, if it's good—awesome! I hope it is!

    I love the Broadway grosses too! And yes, they DO fluctuate! A few weeks ago, PHANTOM zoomed to over 90 percent, then back down to 60 the next week. Crazy!

  6. @Carlos Alvarado: I feel like HAIR is in danger. Like, it might not last the summer, or maybe the summer will be its last season. I mean, at these rates...

    I didn't know the SPRING AWAKENING tour was ending! I admittedly don't follow the national tours that much. You'll have to keep me updated! I'm kind of surprised they're ending it. But a non-equity version that travels? Sounds cool!

  7. We can be pretty sure McG is gonna' deliver a shallow 90s MTV style "music video" Spring Awakening. So don't keep your hopes up. He hasn't made one worth while film. You can bet your favorite play is going through the Hollywood butcher shop as we speak.

  8. @Sanjit: I know, I'm pretty much of your mindset. But I still *am* going to remain hopeful. I have faith in the producers and the creative team - I don't think they'd put the film in the hands of someone they thought would do it an injustice. But we'll see. I think a substantial indication will of it's quality will be realized when the cast is announced.

  9. Great casts don't make great movies. Great directors do and McG isn't one of them.

  10. I agree with Sanjit, great casts don't make great movies. And while you have faith that the producers and the creative team want to give it to someone who would make art, at the end of the day, they are probably going to go with the lowest bidder. *wink*

    By the way this is Michelle. :^D


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